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Container Storage at Beacon Storage, Stafford

Shipping container storage is becoming an ever-popular option in storage space solutions. Its affordable, convenient, flexible, secure and easy. We have 5ft, 10ft and 20ft storage spaces available.

All our containers are brand new one-trip shipping containers from China. They are made of Corten steel, fitted with heavy duty plywood floors, have 12 ventilation points and are insulated with grafo-therm. They are secured with heavy duty security padlocks within a Corten steel lock box.

Why choose container storage over warehouse storage?

Container storage is an affordable alternative to more traditional warehouse storage. With lower overheads container storage often offers the same storage spaces at a significantly cheaper price, with no sacrifice to the security of stored possessions. Our shipping container layout allows each and every storage space direct parking for loading making access and haulage as easy as possible. With shipping container storage each space is contained to itself, being Corten steel boxes it is unlikely that a problem with surrounding storage spaces would be transferable.

Storage Types

There are many reasons for requiring a little extra space whether you require the room for business or domestic reasons.


Often when moving house the timing of moving out and moving in to a new premise doesn’t line up perfectly. A monthly storage option is perfect for people moving home requiring short term storage. Placing your belongings into a secure space with no fixed long-term contract allows some peace of mind through the stressful time of moving home.

Even if you aren’t moving home, many people do not have the space for all their possession’s at their residential premises and therefore choose to rent some external space for those things that you don’t need all the time, such as seasonal items. A longer-term contract would be perfect for those who need the space for these items.

Students leaving home for the first time, elderly individuals moving into care homes or smaller spaces and people leaving the country for a short period of time all find storage containers a useful space to store excess items that they are unable to take with them.

Storage containers can also be used as an extra garage space, for tools, bikes or motor-vehicles.


A lot of small businesses don’t have the premises yet to store stock so storage containers are a perfect solution to keep your business out of your home.

In the same way, self-employed individuals and tradesmen often need some extra space to save tools, equipment and items clogging up living spaces. Storage containers allow a healthy work-life balance in terms of providing the extra space without adding extra hassle in terms of access.
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